Making a Difference: why Timeshare Sales Professionals must believe in what they’re selling…….fact!

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Are you in the Timeshare business for the money or because you truly believe in the value of what you’ve got sell?

I believe that belief is the key to successful Timeshare Sales. And I can already hear you saying “yes but….” BUT…let me tell you – it’s a FACT!.

It’s rare to find someone who can sell anything as well as Timeshare Sales Professional. Their unique, they LOVE Timeshare. It’s what they are 100% passionate about, not just being paid to sell.

You can’t buy that passion and understanding with a salary. And that’s why every Timeshare Sales Pro IS a true salesperson, even if that’s the last thing you think you are.

Without that firm understanding that you’re changing the world, you’re NEVER going to be a super successful Timeshare Sales person. And let me tell you why.

Selling Timeshare means turning someone from a non-buyer into a buyer, from a non-believer into a believer, from a prospect into a customer.

You need to change their mind.

You need to share something with them and get them excited about it. You can’t do that unless you’re excited about it.

You might need to convince them that their flat earth is round, that the impossible IS possible. You can’t do that unless you believe it to be true first.

Without belief and passion, a sales person is just going through the motions. Like a footballer playing in a per-season friendly. There’s no reason to go all out, no silverware on offer, just get on the pitch, do the job, and get off again.

Watch that same player in the last 5 minutes of a cup-final when his team are losing one-nil, and it’ll be like watching a different player.

The difference? PASSION.

I love football, by the way. I’m a Man City and England supporter. (since 81)

Belief and passion are the most important things in selling Timeshare. And I’ve learned a few things about Timeshare Sales in the last 22 years.

I’m a decent salesman, I’ve got good chat, I can build a bit of rapport, but you can’t pay the bills with rapport – you need sales.

Stick me in Carphone Warehouse flogging phones and I’d do an okay job, I’ve got enough experience to go through the motions well, but I’m not going to break any records, simply because I don’t have the belief that an upgrade from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7 is going to change anybody’s life.

Phones aren’t my passion, Timeshare is….fact!

I understand that to be REALLY successful, I need to KNOW that my buyer is going to benefit. I need to BELIEVE that it’s going to change their life.

I worked in this industry for 22 years and I am so passionate about it I have wrote two Timeshare Sales books and just produced the First Timeshare Sales Audio Book.

Passion. Not money.

Nobody writes books for money. I’m no J K Rowling.

I wrote them because I believe so much in Timeshare and I want to make a difference. I want to help other people to make a difference too.

I started working in Timeshare back in 1995

You don’t really apply for a job back then. There was no job.

You take the tours that do not qualify.

and only when you have got a deal from an NQ

Then you move up the line..

But I knew this product was more then something to sell. It gave the typical family that I was from, the opportunity to stay in high end quality accommodation you could only but dream of..

That was in November 1995. I’ve sold to thousands of families world-wide since then, as a rep, opc, manager, podium, T.O. Sales Director, European Director….

That’s Thousands of families who’s lives I’ve changed. Thousands of families who are taking vacations world wide, staying in high quality accommodation good if not better than the homes they live in. Spending quality time with ALL their family.


I’m passionate about Timeshare, I believe that I can make a difference to Timeshare Sales Professionals……fact!

If you’re going to continue in the Timeshare business, make sure you BELIEVE in what you’re selling. Yes you need to maintain your passion, but without belief, you’re just going to be peddling, not making sales…..fact!

To help maintain that passion and help create that inner belief. Follow me on Facebook @thetimesharecoach and Register for my VIP launch of The Timeshare Coach Audio Book by email

Change your Thoughts, Sell more Timeshare……FACT!

Keep on Selling

Carl Garwood….The Timeshare Coach


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