Thanks to YOU

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Do YOU realize the impact you have on a family when you show your clients the benefits of owning a Timeshare?

less focus on difficult clients, objections, the weather and more focus on FAMILY and that powerful emotion LOVE.

When you involve family usage in nearly every line along with a 3rd party story that can create your client’s mind thinking of a past experience and even better starting to imagine what it would be like with their family. Well then, as the saying goes…You are Cooking on Gas..

Thanks to your persuasion skills, you will break a strong pact and convert a no to a yes.

The clients will come along to your presentation certain that they are not buying anything today, yet you let that all bounce of you, as you believe in your product and your self.

Thanks to YOU for not giving up, their children and their children’s children will have the opportunity to take vacations in luxury accommodation, all over the world, for the rest of their lives.

Children have more memories about their vacations than they do about their birthdays……FACT!

Try it think about your first vacations, and then think about what you got for your birthday that year.

YOU, as a Timeshare Sales Professional, stop people from renting and taking put luck when they take their family on vacation. YOU give them the piece of mind and comfort for the rest of their lives.

Congratulations on what you do. Feel proud of yourself and go and change someone’s life today.

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